Blonde Hair Removal

The Depilar System was created for people with blonde, grey, white and red hair who are unable to have laser treatment. This new system is an excellent alternative to permanently reduce hair growth and includes two patent pending gels which consist of an enhanced enzyme based formula that are massaged into the skin immediately after waxing, plucking or any other depilation method that removes the hair from the root. In the Depilar System Kit there are two bottles where one acts as an inhibitor and once acts as an activator. Immediately after hair removal, the inhibitor gel must be applied because the hair follicles are empty. After the serum has been thoroughly massaged into the skin the activator gel must be applied and massaged into the given area. These two serums will penetrate into the hair follicle area and destroy the specific protein that nourished the hair. The hairs will have no nutrition to assist growth and will therefore be destroyed. Re-growth will be reduced by at least 20% after each treatment. In order to achieve the best results, 8-12 treatments are recommended depending on the area of the body treated. In addition to this there are no side effects associated with this product.

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