Depilar System

Depilar System
Depilar System

The Depilar System is a breakthrough technology for the removal of blonde, grey, white and red hairs.

This next generation enzyme-based hair removal technology uses scientific research to offer an effective and affordable method for the lasting reduction of unwanted body hair.

Using the enzymes Trypsin and Chymotrypsin in a proprietary formula accomplishes a biological process that breaks down the structure of hair-producing cells. The enzymes are of natural origin and are allergy tested with no adverse effects, making the Depilar System gentle and efficient.

Don’t give up; don’t give in, never surrender! All good things take time and the Depilar System will work if the treatment protocol is followed. Successive and regular treatments are required over 16 to 24 months (depending on area) to completely treat all targeted hair. In the beginning, to properly treat all hair follicles with the Depilar System, 2-4 week intervals between treatments are recommended on the face and 4-6 week intervals for treatments on the body. For any further information, contact us today.

The two Depilar® System gels are applied one after the other to the skin by a professional esthetician or skincare therapist in salons and spas. Following this simple procedure:

Three simple steps to being hair free!

  1. Perform plucking , tweezing or waxing
  2. If waxed, remove wax residues with a new and clean strip
  3. Apply gel number one, the Inhibitor gel ( blue ) and massage into the skin for approx. 1 minute
  4. Apply gel number two, the Activator gel ( red) and massage into the skin for approx. 1 minute

Treatment completed!

  • Average number of treatments with one Depilar® kit (2x10ml ( inhibitor + activator) :
  • Chin, lip, eyebrows, sideburns : 40
  • Full face, stomach, shoulders : 15-20
  • Traditional bikini, armpits, half arms : 10-15
  • Brazilian : 6
  • Men’s back or chest : 5-7
  • Pair of lower legs : 2
  • Full pair of legs : 1
Price: $350.00

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