White Hair Removal

54fe99638f761-gray-hair-portrait-xlThe Blond Hair Removal team understands the frustration that comes with fine, white or blonde hairs. Methods such as IPL will not work in removing these resilient things. Luckily, we have white hair removal solution that is quick, easy and painless. Many traditional hair removal methods do not prove to be effective in removing white hairs, forcing people to look for less conventional methods.

The Depilar System can provide permanent white hair removal after only a few simple treatments. Simply apply the Depilar System every 4-6 weeks depending on your growth cycles for a 12-24 month period. Soon you will begin to see significant reduction in hair growth and eventually permanent white hair removal.

For any further information about the Depilar System or hair removal in general, contact Blond Hair Removal today.

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